LoveJozi is a South African t-shirt and design company based in Johannesburg.

We love Johannesburg and we love design so we combine the two and... LoveJozi. We have a mega-collection of graphics inspired by the city we live and love in and we sell them on best quality t-shirts and other products.

LoveJozi mixes urban fashion with social commentary and observation. We find design inspiration from the growing optimism about Johannesburg as she refines third world realities and aesthetics into first world sophistication. It is an African city that is both gritty and slick, and we use simple conceptual graphics to reflect that.

In 2008, we launched a diffusion range with watered down, cheaper versions that pretended to be rip offs. This involved a two year marketing campaign to peddle this accessible range, based on the message that LoveJozi was being imitated by fake Chinese imports. After the truth was revealed, the diffusion line “Luv Jozi - made in joburg, china!” was launched, making the brand more accessible and affordable.

Other notable themes the brand has shaped into memes are The Xenocentric Range, The Highbrow Range, The Coloured Range and The NewMoney Range.

Love Jozi is conceptualized and designed by Bradley Kirshenbaum. His succinct and immediate style of graphic design provide the communication style and flair that the Love Jozi brand has become known for. The Love Jozi garments themselves are designed by Jacques van der Watt of Black Coffee fame. His meticulous thinking and perfectionist approach to fashion design ensure an addictive fit for the t-shirts.